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Top 30 Super Common Everyday Phrases

 30 Common Everyday Phrases

Let's make a splash with today's lesson as we dive into learning 30 new phrases. These phrases will help you sound like a native speaker and add a bit of colour to your conversations. Make sure you save this lesson because it might come in handy. You don't want to draw a blank in the middle of speaking.

 I am going to teach you 30 super common everyday phrases that you can use on a daily basis!

Phrases like:

to be on the safe side = to minimise any possible risk (just in case)

as far as I can tell according to all of the available information

1).Phrase: To eat one’s words

Meaning: to take back what one has said

Example: She ate her words when she realised she was talking badly about the boss right to his face

2).Phrase: To make a splash

Meaning: to attract a lot of attention

Example: Fred made a splash during today’s meeting when his phone started ringing.

3).Phrase: To be on the safe side

Meaning: to create a sense of security and minimise any possible risk

Example: We recorded a video of the incident just to be on the safe side.

4).Phrase: As far as one can tell

Meaning: to conclude something based on the available information

Example: As far I could tell, the store was closed for the day.

5).Phrase: To go down the drain

Meaning: to be completely wasted

Example: All of his efforts on the newtextbook went down the drain when they went digital.

6).Phrase: To go down in history

Meaning: to be remembered forever; recorded in history books

Example: His speech will surely go down in history as one of the greatest!

7).Phrase: To go down a storm

Meaning: to be well received by an audience

Example: The opening band went down a storm! It was their first concert!

8).Phrase: To take a rain check

Meaning: to politely decline an offer with the exception of taking it up at a later time

Example: I can’t go to the museum today, but I am happy to take a rain check! How about next week?

9).Phrase: To take the biscuit

Meaning: to be the most remarkable or foolish

Example: Tara has done some pretty terrible things, but stealing Joe’s cat takes the biscuit.

10).Phrase: To take advantage of

Meaning: to make unfair use of someone/something for one’s personal benefit

Example: He took advantage of being the boss’ by showing up late every single day.

11).Phrase: To call it off

Meaning: to cancel something

Example: We had to call off the festival when we found out that it was going to rain.

12).Phrase: To come to a head

Meaning: to reach a critical point

Example: The situation came to a head when she showed up to the family dinner drunk.

13).Phrase: To make a bee-line for

Meaning: to go directly toward something/someone

Example: Tommy made a bee-line for his mum when he saw her after school.

14).Phrase: To draw a blank

Meaning: to fail to recall from memory

Example: I am sorry, I am drawing a blank. I can’t remember her home address.

15).Phrase: To put it mildly

Meaning: to express that something is usually worse than it is being said

Example: He is putting it mildly, but this plan will never work!

16).Phrase: To get/have the upper hand

Meaning: to have a superior or more powerful position

Example: Patrick has the upper hand in receiving the promotion as he has been with the company for 10 years.

17).Phrase: To have one’s work cut out

Meaning: to be faced with a difficult or lengthy task

Example: We have to paint the entire house this weekend! We really have our work cut out for us.

18).Phrase: To hit the ground running

Meaning: to get started quickly or with great success

Example: Miguel hit the ground running when he was promoted to manager. He made a lot of wonderful changes.

19).Phrase: To keep your nose clean

Meaning: to stay out of trouble

Example: Keep your nose clean when you go out tonight. I don’t want a phone call from the police in the middle of the night.

20).Phrase: To look alive

Meaning: to move more quickly or engage in a more active way

Example: It is the final half of the game! Look alive out there!

21).Phrase: To go out on a limb

Meaning: to put one’s self in a vulnerable position

Example: He went out on a limb when he proposed to his girlfriend at the Beyonce concert. I am glad she said yes!

22).Phrase: To go to the dogs

Meaning: to become ruined or become worse

Example: This TV show has really gone to the dogs. What are the writers thinking?

23).Phrase: To run the gauntlet

Meaning: to experience harsh criticisms or harsh treatment by others

Example: Celebrities have to run the gauntlet of journalists every single day

24).Phrase: To lie low

Meaning: to avoid attention; hide

Example: We are lying low for now until our neighbours forget about the big party we threw last week.

25).Phrase: To bury the hatchet

Meaning: to end a conflict

Example: Tom and Greg buried the hatchet by drinking a few beers and talking about their problems.

26).Phrase: To go to town

Meaning: to do something with a great amount of enthusiasm

Example: The production team really went to town on the set design! It looks like we are actually in Rome!

27).Phrase: To come in handy

Meaning: to become useful

Example: That book about phrasal verbs came in handy when I started my new English course.

28).Phrase: To buy time

Meaning: to temporarily delay something from happening

Example: He hadn’t finished his project, so he tried to buy time by saying he had been feeling under the weather.

29).Phrase: To be there for

Meaning: to be available to provide support or comfort to someone

Example: You are my best friend! I am always going to be there for you no matter what happens!

30).Phrase: To put a damper/ dampener on something

Meaning: to make something less strong or exciting

Example: Sandy’s bad attitude put a damper on her surprise party

Pro Tips! (Give it a try!)

The more you practise, the easier you will recall these phrases in your daily conversations.

Which phrases did you find the most interesting? Choose your favourite ones and create some examples.

Choose the correct conjugation of the phrase for each sentence.

1) Unfortunately, he _______________ in the middle of the exam and didn't answer the final question.

a. draws a blank 

b. drew blanks 

c. drew a blank

2) You will ___________________ for saying such a thing!

a. eat your words 

b. eats your words 

c. ate your word

3) Paul _________________ at the family reunion when he brought his wife whom no one had met.

a. made splashes 

b. made splash 

c. made a splash

4) We need to __________________ on this new project. The due date is only a few months away. 

a. hit the ground run 

b. hit the ground running 

c. hit the ground ran

Complete each phrase with the correct word.

5) They have their _____________ cut out for them.

a. work 

b. words 

c. werk

6) To put it ______________, we will need to perform emergency surgery. 

a. wildly 

b. miledly 

c. mildly

7) Your grandfather is looking more ______________ every time I go to see him.

a. a live 

b. alive 

c. live 

8) What happened to your house? You really let it go to the ______________.

a. frogs 

b. hogs 

c. dogs


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