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Christmas Phrasal Verbs

Our Special Christmas Eve Traditions Christmas Phrasal Verbs Quiz With Answers

I am very excited because it is Christmas Eve. My family has lots of festive traditions, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you, and to teach you some more phrasal verbs. Are you ready?

Christmas Phrasal Verbs Quiz

Choose the right preposition:

  1. I love Christmas Eve because I go to the pub and bump ______ all of my old school friends. (meet by chance)

a.) up b.) in c.) into d.) with

2. It's so nice to catch ____ with them all after such a long time. (talk to someone you've not seen for a while and share updates)

a.) up b.) on c.) onto d.) out

3. I love dressing ____ in a nice sparkly outfit and some red lipstick. (dress in smart or formal clothes)

a.) in b.) out c.) on d.) up

4. My husband used to put ____ buying presents until Christmas Eve, but since meeting me he has realised that it's better to be organised! (postpone, delay)

a.) out b.) off c.) up d.) in

5. We always pig ____ before going out as my mother usually cooks ham with baked potatoes and red cabbage. (eat an excessive amount)

a.) in b.) up c.) about d.) out

How did you do?

5 - Perfect

4 - Excellent

3 - Good

2 - Ok

1 - Needs work

Are you ready for the answers?

1c, 2a, 3d, 4b, 5d


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