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50 Plus Sad Synonyms | Synonyms For Said To Express Your Sadness

How To Express Your Sadness in Words What is Another Word For Deep Sadness? Sad Synonyms

How Do You Describe Your Deep Sadness? How To Express Your Sadness If You're Extremely Sad Use These Sad Synonyms If You Want To Express Your Sadness in Words or If You Want To Tell Someone You are feeling sad or the are feeling sad

Sad Synonyms For Express Your Sadness With People To Tell Someone You are feeling sad

What is a Synonym?

A synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as the word given.

A synonym is a word that can be used as a substitute for the given word such that it does not change the meaning and context.

List of Synonyms 56 Sad Synonyms

Downcast, Dark, Melancholy, Disappointed, Broken-hearted, Disheartened, Heartbroken, Bitter, Anguished, Troubled, Sorrowful, Depressed, Gloomy, Crushed, Heavy, Upset, Dejected, Gloomy, Dreary, Forlorn, Glum, Unhappy, Hurting, Heartsick, Down, Rueful, Bereaved, Mournful, Weepy, Disgusted, Blue, Woeful, Miserable, Solemn, Distressed, Woebegone, Despairing, Despondent, Low, Dismal, Pitiful, Lugubrious, Frustrated, Heavy-hearted, Pessimistic, Hopeless, Remorseful, Devastated, Lonely, Let down, Neglected, Resentful, Discouraged, Grief-stricken, Threatened, Burdened.

50 Plus Sad Synonyms | Synonyms For Said To Express Your Sadness

Top 10 Sad Synonyms With Meaning And Examples How Do You Describe Your Deep Sadness?

1. Be blue or Feel blue  2. Heartbroken 3. Down  4. Bitter  5. Dejected  6. Gloomy 7. Disheartened 8. Depressed 9. Miserable 10. Dark.

Do you ever feel sad, blue, dejected? But there's no need to feel sad today because you're about to learn some new words. If you feel like you're not making enough progress with your English, don't feel sad. You will learn so much. 

So this lesson is all about different ways to express your sadness. So instead of just saying "I'm sad," "I'm sad," "I'm sad," "I'm sad," each time, I thought it would be good to give you some vocabulary words. Some different ways to say you're sad. So let's get to the lesson.

Be blue or Feel blue. (1) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

So the first one is to be blue or to feel blue. And this means that you're feeling sad, melancholy, a little bit depressed. It's just're not feeling well. You're feeling blue. A little sad. And I think we all feel blue from time to time. I like this one because it's connected to colors and I love colors. And it's very interesting that we can connect emotions to a color. So it's...I think it's a really common one, and it's a really, really good way to express you're sad without saying the word "sad." 

Example: You look like you're feeling blue. What's wrong?

Heartbroken (2) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Heartbroken. So when you're heartbroken you're extremely sad. Your heart is broken...imagine in a million pieces for something bad that happened. Or just something really, really sad that has happened to you. Now we hear this a lot about romantic relationships, but it doesn't have to be about that at all. It can be about any relationship or any other events that have directly affected you. You're heartbroken. 

Example: He was heartbroken at the news of his dog's death.

Down (3) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Down. And this just means...when somebody's feeling down they can be a little bit... They can be unhappy or a little bit depressed. So again, this does mean sad. It does mean unhappiness. But I would say maybe not the same intensity as very depressed. You're just a little bit down.

Example: She's been feeling a little down since she lost her job.

Bitter (4) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Bitter. And this one is a little bit more specific than the others. And the reason is that when somebody feels bitter, they're feeling anger. They're feeling resentment. They're feeling sadness. And it's usually the result of some kind of unjust treatment. Or treatment that they think was unfair or unjust. 

Example: He felt bitter after the company let him go.

Dejected (5) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Dejected. And this one is a little bit sadder. Because if somebody feels dejected, they feel depressed. They feel sad. But it's almost as if they feel hopeless. They're about to give up on whatever situation they were in. If they're dejected, they've kind of tried everything and they're just... That's kind of...they're about to give up. 

Example: The dejected players left the field.

Gloomy (6) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Gloomy. And this also has a little bit of a twist to it. So I  hear this word a lot connected to a place or a mood. It has to do with a kind of like dark mysterious places. If a place is gloomy, it's like a depressing but dark, scary place. But of course, it can be a mood as well. So somebody can feel gloomy. 

Example: Sometimes I feel gloomy on rainy days.

Disheartened (7) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Disheartened. And when somebody is disheartened that means that they lose confidence. They lose the determination, and they're just really feeling very sad. 

Example: He was disheartened by the sad news.

Depressed (8) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Depressed. And when someone is depressed, it means that they're in a state of extreme unhappiness. And I'm talking extreme. So depressed is really, really a word that you shouldn't take lightly if you're trying to say you're sad. It means you're feeling extreme, extreme sadness. 

Example: He was depressed after the divorce.

Miserable (9) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Miserable. And if somebody is miserable, it means that they are extremely unhappy or uncomfortable. So you can see it in both of those situations. 

Example: I've been miserable without you.

Dark. (10) Synonyms For Said With Meaning And Examples

Our last word is dark. And this means...if somebody's feeling dark, they are feeling unhappy. But it also has to do with maybe feeling some unpleasantness or being a little bit pessimistic. And it just really means that you know, they're feeling very unhappy. And just a little bit unpleasant to be around. They are in a dark mood. 

Example: He was in a dark mood after he saw his father.

Okay. So now I want you to practice the words you just learned. This is really, really great practice. And I really want to emphasize that it's very important that we use different words That we use synonyms to express our feelings. 

So here's your practice. What I want you to do is complete the following sentence with one of the words you learned today. I feel______when_____.   So I'll repeat that. I feel (sad word) when (situation). 

Use one of those words in the sentence, and tell us what makes you feel that way. And it doesn't have to be true. You can just write it down just for the sake of practicing. I hope this lesson didn't make you feel sad. But instead happy to have learned some new words. So next time you feel a little blue, down, or disheartened by your English progress, don't despair. 


  1. Personally, I love being alone, and I never feel lonely. I don't believe we're ever really alone. Their are mighty unseen forces all around us. Learn to love yourself , and to spend time with yourself getting to know who you are. And dream of what you want to become. It works if you dare to dream. sadness


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