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Abbreviations And Acronyms | Abbreviation Words

Abbreviation Words Top 70 Abbreviations And Acronyms

Internet Abbreviations And Acronyms, in a world of messengers and social media, internet abbreviations are as natural as seeing another selfie maker on the street somehow these catchy shorthand words have turned into a whole new language used by millennials so today we will learn some abbreviations and acronyms you must know in 2021 and 2022

Abbreviations And Acronyms | Abbreviation Words

Internet Abbreviations & Acronyms every one should know because right now everywhere almost everyone uses abbreviation in a chat-like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IMO, etc 

List of abbreviation and acronym

1. ASAP = as soon as possible

2. FYI = for your information

3. G2G = got to go

4. TTYL = talk to you later

5. IMO = in my opinion

6. JK = just kidding

7. IDC = I don't care

8. WYWH = wish you were here

9. TBH = to be honest

10. YNK = you never know

11. AYOR = at your own risk so for

12. BIF = before I forget

13. BION = believe it or not

14. BRB = be right back

15. BBIAR =  be back in a bit

16. BBIAF = be back in a few

17. BBL = be back later

18. BTW = by the way

19. CMIIW = correct me if I'm wrong

20. DIY = do it yourself

21. FCFS = First come, First served

22. IDK = I don’t know

23. ADN = Any day now

24. AFAIC = As far as I’m concerned

25. AFAIK = As far as I know

26. AISI = As I see it

27. B4N / BFN = Bye for now 

28. BFF = best friend forever

29. G1 = Good one

30. GF = girlfriend

31. BF = boyfriend or best friend

32. HSIK = How should I know

33. IRL = In real life

34. ISS = I’m so sure

35. ISWYM = I see what you mean

36. IWBNI = It would be nice if

37. IYSS = If you say so

38. J4F = Just for fun

39. JC = Just chilling

40. JIC = just in case

41. NBD = No big deal

42. NM / NVM = Nevermind

43. NOYB = None of your business

44. MYOB = Mind your own business

45. TNX / THX = Thanks

46. TOY = Thinking of you

47. WDYT = What do you think

48. WYD = What you doing

49. WTTM = Without thinking too much

50. AMA = ask me anything

51. SYS = See you soon

52. NFL = National Football League

53. FAQ = frequently asked questions

54. AKA =  also known as

55. LOL = laughing out loud  (LOL mean in love = lots of love)

56. OMG = oh my God

57. ISO = in search of

58. ILY = I love you

59. ASL = Age Sex Location

60. HMB = hit me back

61. RT= Real-time

62. CTN = can't talk now

63. GJ = goog job

64. gr8 = Great

65. PC = personal computer

66. pls = Please

67. Txt = Text 

68. w/e Whatever

69. ppl = People

70. HTH= Hope this help


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