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Top 5 Universities in Germany

 Top 5 Best Universities in Germany

1. Universität Tübingen

I’ve found this university to be a regular in my travels to follow new talent and their academic progress. Classes seem to go well and I have had a good time there. Moreover, my current correspondence course for the subject I have given up for last year was provided by Tübingen. A few years ago, they offered my plumbing project a certificate so I can say that I am very happy with their specific knowledge in the subject and their idea.

2. Universität München

In my opinion, the University of München has the best networking ties. They have a lot of strong connections within their institution and with the surrounding counties, meaning that most of my interviews will be well received. Moreover, some great ones are available to students and people who don’t take exams. I expect they will have solid information regarding courses and connections that I can contact a good number of teachers from. München is very friendly and accessible, due to its close proximity to the other universities I have visited. Furthermore, with access to the university courses through the conferences and other peers, I expect there to be an abundance of great people available to help.

3. Universität Aachen

It’s quite common to see Aachen online advertising their service as one of the top universities in Germany and I don’t agree that the job market is that bad! Unfortunately, academic barriers are a lot more prevalent, so one should expect to be asked to take higher mathematics, physics, and chemistry courses. This might be due to some of the classes. I have read about some of the courses I would like to take whilst abroad and there are some applications that require only one or two courses for the course. I don’t think these would dissuade me from applying but I think I will need a better understanding of the social scene.

4. Universität Berlin

Despite my heart being in the major city of Berlin, it’s often quite difficult to meet like-minded people with good education if you’re from a small town and not really familiar with the city. According to their online profile, Berlin is the best city in Germany for collaborative internships. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to offer new people a coffee/banana and take them to lunch before they leave for the start of the day. Maybe you’ll find that getting to know them better and introducing them to some of the cool people is part of why you love doing internships at the university. This university offers a very useful internship link so I can assure you that your accounts will make me very excited.

5. Universität Stuttgart

I am still half a year away from finishing up my degree in 2018 so it is a little bit out of my reach but I still have my connections with the organization, “Overcast”, that I left the Netherlands with. First of all, what’s the exciting name for “Overcast”? This was “On-interisland”. The youngest club I’ve been to from high school was the boarding club over at Kunsten 54. I met all my friends from there here in Germany so it is very interesting! Nevertheless, higher quality education for me at the university is one of the main motivators.

Top 5 Universities in Germany

The smaller Universities are often easier to access if you do want to seek after post-graduate studies due to their stronger links with other universities, mainly in medicine, nursing, engineering, and media. In addition, in smaller cities, they can be geographically closer to the events with a few seconds of traveling between towns to attend a lecture. In my experience, this is a lot more manageable than the large cities, which are twice as long if you’re traveling between them and this is also a concern that most students take into consideration when they do start to travel between different cities for interviews.

My main goal at the beginning of the summer semester is to find the “right fit” for me as to where I find the most suitable way to integrate into society. Although it is also a great time to explore new places and meet new people! To all the people who found it difficult to find a good fit while traveling to different countries, I encourage you to keep trying!

If you have any questions about Germany or are worried that you might get scammed for answers, then please reach out to me on Twitter.


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