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10 Celebrity Accent Difficult British Accents | Accent Examples Accent Pronunciation

Difficult British Accents Ranked from Easiest to Hardest (with TEST And Examples Celebrity Accent British Pronunciation And Culture Lesson

10 Celebrity Accent Difficult British Accents

Accent Examples & Accent Pronunciation, we are going to be talking about the big topic of accents, in particular, the accents that you guys find to be most difficult to understand. Now,  when it comes to accents, you can't just say,  "This one's easy, and this one is difficult." It doesn't work like that. It all depends on where you're from and what you're used to, what you're used to hearing.

Difficult  Accent Examples And Accent Pronunciation

Difficult British Accents 10 Celebrity Accent if you want you can watch the video in dow blow with Accent examples and Accent Pronunciation definitions for a better understanding. so we start from number 10 Celebrity Accent and try to explain the Interesting Fact.


10 Accent: Received Pronunciation

Celebrity: Queen Elizabeth


'King James may not have anticipated quite how important sport and games were to become in promoting harmony and common interests. But from the scriptures in the Bible which bears his name, we know that nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of belonging to a group who are dedicated to helping each other.'

Interesting Fact:

This accent is traditionally regarded as the standard for British English. Originally called Public School Pronunciation, this was accent was taught across private schools and was thought of as a sign of class.

9 Accent: Cockney

Celebrity: Jason Statham


'And you have to accept that. At the end of the day, we shouldn't be moaning because we're hired actors. You come in, you get paid, shut your mouth, do you work, and go home. It should be a little bit of that, but sometimes you want to try and get involved and you try and collaborate and get things done.'

Interesting Fact:

This accent originates from the East End of London. Supposedly, you were only a true Cockney if you were born within earshot of Bow Bells. Within earshot means within hearing distance. The Bow Bells are the bells in a historic East London church. Now the East End of London is changing, and a lot of the people who were born there or who grew up there are moving further out to Essex.

8 Accent:  Essex

Celebrity: Gemma Collins


'I have become one of the biggest reality stars in Britain. I am a global icon. It's weird, but that's the GC. That is the GC. And that's what I do. I make great TV. I provide you with entertainment. And I kind of explain it to people, it's like Paul O'Grady and Lily Savage. It's how I make my money.'

Interesting Fact:

This accent can be found in and around the county of Essex. A lot of people from the East End, originally Cockney, are moving to Essex, and thus the accent is a mixture of the Estuary accent and the Cockney accent. It's become incredibly popular over the past decade due to a TV show called The Only Way Is Essex

7 Accent: Cardiff

Celebrity: Charlotte Church


'Well, I suppose in terms of the film Under Milk Wood is such an incredible play. Dylan Thomas' writing is so unusual. Yeah. And I'm quite a newbie to acting. I've done bits and bobs in the past.'

Interesting Fact:

Half a million people speak with this accent. One of many Welsh accents. If you'd like to explore more Welsh accents then I highly recommend a comedy called Gavin and Stacey.

6 Accent: Yorkshire

Celebrity: Louis Tomlinson


'Basically, me name is Louis, but I didn't love it when I was younger. Once I was old enough, I don't know why, I just didn't really love it. So I got known as Louis, all me friends from home call me Louis. And then I get there... Is this close enough? Sorry. And then I get there on me first day at the X-Factor with Simon and all the judges, and he called me Louie.'

Interesting Fact:

This dialect has roots in Old English and is influenced by Old Norse. There are many variations of the accent as Yorkshire is the largest country in England!

5 Accent:  Brummie

Celebrity: Adrian Chiles


'So anyway... Actually, when they're trying to get me to come on here, they give a list of all the brilliant people you've had on in the past. That has the opposite effect on me. I said, "We get Richard E. Grant and stuff. Why would anybody be interested?" So, anyway, that's my, I suppose, that's my tip of humble-... Many a true word said.'

Interesting Fact:

This accent faces the most discrimination across the country. In surveys, the Brummie accent is often voted as the most disfavoured. Interestingly, when the same surveys are conducted with non-natives, the Brummie accent seems to do quite well, with many finding it melodious

4 Accent: Derry

Celebrity: Nadine Coyle


'I enjoy cooking, baking, and stuff. Working with flour and making sweet things. I'm not so used to more savoury chopping. When you just zone out, you put your music on and you just chop. Just chop loads of stuff.'

Interesting Fact:

This accent comes from Derry, officially Londonderry, which is the second largest city in Northern Ireland, popularised by new show Derry Girls

3 Accent: Geordie

Celebrity: Cheryl Cole


'We did three hours the night before. So there's a girl out there called Charm who I used when I did my own solo tour. I just absolutely adore her. I love working with her. And we did three hours with those girls and those girls were sick. So I was just watching them the whole time like, "I want to do like her."

Interesting Fact:

Strictly speaking, Geordie should only refer to the speech of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding urban area of Tyneside. Locals insist there are significant differences between Geordie and several other local dialects. It is alleged that Cheryl faced accentdiscrimination from producers of The X-Factor TV show.

2 Accent: Glaswegian

Celebrity: Frankie Boyle


'My cousins, when I was growing up in Ireland, their dad was a fisherman on a trawler in Ireland. And he would go away for two weeks at a time. And I remember thinking that's the worst thing you could possibly imagine, is that your dad's going to just disappear for two weeks. And now, two months would be quite standard on a tour.'

Interesting Fact:

I find this accent hard to mimic! Notice how 'ez' is used instead of 'is' and 'keind' instead of 'kind'. Much like in England, you will find a number of accents across the country of Scotland

1 Accent: Scouse

Celebrity: John Bishop


'See, I've wrote about them in the programme called Generation Z. Because I have given them a full title. Because I'm old enough to call things by the full title, rather than yourself who's gone Gen Z...'

Interesting Fact:

This accent is very distinctive; having been influenced heavily by Irish, Norwegian, and Welsh immigrants who arrived via the Liverpool docks. Jodie Comer, an English actress, spoke out last year about how she was often asked to change her accent at auditions and meetings.

Difficult British Accents Ranked from Easiest to Hardest with examples and definitions Video


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