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Synonyms And Antonyms | What are synonyms and antonyms?

Wha Are Synonyms And Antonyms Example of Synonyms And Antonyms

Examples of synonyms and antonyms

Antonyms And Synonyms tell you about the relationship between two words if the words being the opposite of each other they are antonyms if the words have the same meaning as each other they are synonyms

just think of it like this antonyms are opposite and synonyms are similar our cats and dogs antonyms remember that means opposites no sometimes these animals do not get along but that doesn't make them opposites the words cat and dog don't have antonyms because there's no such thing as an uncapped 

or an undaunted means what similar right can you think of another word that has the same meaning or that you could use in place of the word cat maybe a word like the kitty you could say this is my kitty fluffy or this is my cat fluffy and the sentences would have the same meaning 

how about another word for dog-like pooch can you think of any more synonyms how about a synonym for frightened how about scared frightened and scared have the same meaning or how about quick can you think of a word that means the same thing as quick maybe fast 

or maybe even speedy yes words can have more than one synonym fast quick and speedy are all synonyms they all have the same meaning what about some antonyms or words with opposite meanings does fast have an antonym, yes slow is the opposite of fast so they are antonyms if you said my car is fast and my car is slow you'd be saying two very different things opposite things 

how about old does old have an opposite yep young and old are antonyms do you have any antonyms hmm old didn't we already use old that's right some words can have more than one antonym or opposite new and old are also antonyms just like young and old so does that mean that if old is an antonym of new and young that young and new are synonyms sometimes but not always new and young don't really have the same meaning usually things are new and people are young

but things and people both get old can you think of any more antonyms exhausted and energized heavy and light-dark and light aha another tricky one by the way those were all adjectives but synonyms and antonyms can also be verbs raised is an antonym of lower Tugg is a synonym of pol, 

also they can be nouns you'll find a lot fewer nouns that have antonyms but there are a few day and night are antonyms bucket and pail are synonyms all you have to do is remember these antonyms our opposite and synonyms are similar 

Discuss More Synonyms and Antonyms 

we're going to discuss synonyms and antonyms you will be able to differentiate synonyms from antonyms

let's analyze the two sets of words in set a glad and happy jump and lift and set b pretty and ugly cold and hot how are you going to differentiate the two sets of words that are right the first set of words are synonyms and the second set of words are antonyms synonyms and antonyms what makes them different  synonyms are words that have the same meaning like  blood and happy jump and dip these words have the same meaning 

more examples of synonyms choose and select drop and fall hard and difficult give and present finish and end trash and garbage antonyms are words that have opposite meaning like pretty and ugly cold and hot these words have opposite meanings  more examples of antonyms close and open right and wrong empty and full front and back start and finish fat and thin

let's have recap synonyms are words that have the same meaning antonyms are words that have opposite meanings decide whether the pair of words are synonym or Anthony  long and short long and short Anthony  tidy and clean tidy and clean synonym large and huge large and huge synonym fat and skinny fat and skinny  early and late  early and late Anthony  emperor and king  emperor and king  synonym 

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