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Reading Speed How To Read Better And Faster | How To Increase Your Reading Speed

How To Read Better And Faster Top 7 Tips For How To Increase Your Reading Speed 3X Faster 

Reading Speed How To Read Better And Faster | How To Increase Your Reading Speed

How To Increase You'r Reading Speed I Will Share With you Seven Tips To Improve Your Reading Speed  3X faster 
hi guys how much time will it take you to read three texts like that

Reading Speed How To Read Better And Faster | How To Increase Your Reading Speed

How To Increase Reading Speed

and also answer 40 questions probably more than you're gonna get during the IELTS exam and that's why today I'm gonna give you seven tips on speed reading that will help you to deal with those long passages quickly and efficiently

Reading Speed  Tips Number 1 Is: Read Extensively

Read extensively there are two ways to read in a foreign language to read intensively or to read extensively to read intensively or read extensively and when we learned English we're typically taught to read slowly to try to understand everything you read to write down the words you don't know and translate them in the dictionary that's an intensive reading

and it's very slow however there is a good chance that you've developed a habit of reading like that in English what's alternative it is to read extensively trying to understand the general idea behind the text without paying attention to words you don't know of things you don't understand it's much much faster

Reading Speed Tips Number 2 Is: Quit Re-Reading

Quit rereading sentences is one of the biggest time sacks in night's reading most likely you will read the sentence again you will spend time but you will not gain much comprehension only reread the sentence if you know that it contains an answer to a certain question never reread anything simply to gain more understanding as 

Reading Speed Tips Number 3 Is: Skim

Skim skimming is a must-know tactic for IELTS reading that's when you quickly look through the text trying to understand what information is there in normal life with skim newspapers to find out what's happened and to find interesting news to read we also skim a new book to decide 

if we want to buy it a lot when you're skimming an IELTS text look for dates surnames any other specific names or concepts and highlight all these keywords when you're looking for an answer you'll be able to navigate this text much more quickly 

Reading Speed How To Read Better And Faster | How To Increase Your Reading Speed

Reading Speed Tips Number 4 Is:  Read Topic Sentences 

Read topic sentences  one way of skimming is to read topic sentences in any well-written academic text like those used in the IELTS exam as the first sentence of each paragraph tells you what this paragraph is about these are called topic sentences and if you read all topic sentences you get a decent understanding of what the whole text is about 

Reading Speed Tips Number 5 Is: Scan

Ways scan scanning is what you do when you're looking for a specific word in the text offer an answer to a specific Al's question this skill requires you to concentrate on what you're looking for and ignore all the irrelevant and confusing information of which you will find plenty in IELTS reading if you've highlighted all the keywords while skimming the text you'll be able to scan it more quickly

Reading Speed Tips Number 6 Is: Turn off the voice in your head

Turn off the voice in your head most of us read by pronouncing words in our hand this loves down your reading to your speaking speed and we speak quite slowly our eyes and brain are actually able to process information much faster during the IELTS exam try not to pronounce all the words in your head it will speed you up

But when you're trying to better understand the question or when you found a sentence as it contains an answer and you're trying to understand what the sensories do you pronounce words in your head if it helps you to understand it better

Reading Speed Tips Number 7 Is: Read Phrases, Not Words 

Read phrases, not words that's a skill that needs to be learned before it can be used effectively basically our eyes span is one and a half-inch it means we can read up to nine words at a time at least we can definitely read three words at a time but most people read every word and we slowly move our eyes reading all the prepositions and articles

and it takes time you could move your eyes to the second word in line then to the 5th to the 7th by jumping a bit you will still read as a whole line but you'll be able to read more quickly as I told you it needs to be practiced 

So hope you enjoyed  my tips on speed reading and good luck with your preparation and with
your exam fight thang you


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