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Congratulations Alternatives | Good Luck Alternatives

Cute Ways To Say Good Luck And Congratulations  Alternatives for Good Luck And Congratulations

Cute ways to say Good Luck And Congratulations

Good Luck And Congratulations Alternatives 

Cute ways to say Good Luck And Congratulations today we are going to look at the phrases good luck and Congratulations Alternatives 

  • Good Luck Alternatives
1. All the best 2. Break a leg 3. Blow them away 4. Knock them dead 5. Fingers crossed 6. Best of luck 7. Wishing you the best 8. All the best to you 9. Go get them, tiger 10. You got this
  • Congratulations Alternatives
1. My respects! 2. Hats off to you 3. Sensational! 4. Get in there! 5. You rock! 6. Jolly good show! 7. Nice going! 8. Good for you! / Good on you! 9. Well done you! 10. Nice one! 11. You did it! 12. You're a genius 13. Way to go! 14. Pat on the back 15. You made that look easy! 16. Keep up the good work! 17. You are on a roll 18. You're on fire! 19. Congratu....XX....lations

Avoid repeating Good Luck & Congratulations - And Use 29 Alternative English Phrases!

So first let's take a look at good luck this is a very good phrase but it's boring if we repeat it over and over again

the first alternative is 

all the best or I wish you all the best 

and this is not a direct translation of good luck we usually use this phrase when we are saying goodbye to somebody or we are parting ways especially at the end of a letter or email all the best or i wish you all the best means i hope you succeed good luck

number two is 

break a leg 

break a leg i wonder if you've heard ofbthis one before it's very popular because it sounds so strange and almost a little rude where does that come from it is supposed that it was said to actors before they went on stage because it was considered unlucky to wish them luck so if you wish somebody bad luck like breaking a leg supposedly the opposite will occur they'll havevgood luck and their legs will remain intact

number three is a phrase that I use a lot in a different context I'll explain it to you it is 

blow them away 

blow them away now if somebody is blown away it means they are shocked normally in a positive way i was blown away by all of your lovely messages 

for example so if your friend is going to an interview or an audition and you want to wish them luck you can say blow them away and that means to shock and surprise them in a positive way like most things it all depends on the tone of voice so if I say I was blown away by the amount of litter in the park obviously I'm shocked in a negative way I'm not impressed

number four we have 

knock him dead 

and you have to do the first movement it is obligatory to knock him dead um, in this case, is their knock them dead knock him dead the meaning is very similar to that of blowing them away to knock somebody dead is to really impress them again it depends on the context if you hit someone with a car and you knock them dead well that's not very good at all

number five is a very common phrase that I think also exists in many other languages it is 

fingers crossed 

fingers crossed I've crossed my fingers for you I'm hoping for the best so when we cross our fingers it means we are wishing luck for either ourselves or other people is that the same in your language or is it something different please let me know in the comments I love knowing about the little quirks of all your languages

number six is just a very slight variation on good luck we have 

best of luck 

best of luck and this is a shortened version of I wish you the best of luck but in casual speech, we just go straight in for best of luck 

another very similar one is number seven which is 

wishing you the best or I wish you the best

number eight another similar one 

all the best to you 

all the best to you I wish you the best

number nine is possibly my favorite 

go get em, tiger 

the uh the rare hands are optional but recommended this is very informal very slang and it just means go and do it I know you can go and impress them

and the last one number 10 

you've got this 

now it should be you've got this but sometimes we remove the at the end of you and just say you got this obviously if you're writing it down but you've got this  

so there we have it 10 very nice alternatives for good luck 

let's move on to alternatives better alternatives for congratulations there are a few more of this one there are many alternatives I have

19 for you and I'm going to check your understanding in the quiz in the pdf so make sure you pay attention

number one is 

my respects 

and if you offer somebody your respects in a positive way it means that they have impressed you now if you say my respects to you in a solemn or serious voice it could mean that something bad has happened to that person and you are offering them your condolences but in a positive tone of voice my respect is wow you've impressed me

number two is

hats off 

hats off to you this comes from taking your hat off to somebody and if you take your hat off to somebody it means that you are impressed with them and you respect them so if somebody has achieved something amazing you can say hats off to you that's fantastic

number three is a word just one word but I absolutely love it it is 


amazing sensational we have a very very posh friend and he got completely addicted to the word sensational you know when you have a word a new word in your head and you find yourself using it at every opportunity or his word was sensational sensational sensational today was sensational but used in the right context sensational can mean congratulations

number four is one that my mother uses quite a lot it is 

get in there 

often shortened down to get in you have to do the first okay yes you can use it to congratulate other people or also yourself if you hear that you've won a prize you can say get in there get in yes very very informal

number five is more of an American phrase we don't use it as much in British English and i will show you why it is 

you rock 

and that means you are awesome and in American English, it sounds so cool I grew up watching American tv shows all the time they always used to say you rock but in British English, in my accent, it doesn't sound cool at all you rock there are so many phrases that i just think they sound ridiculous when I say them go get em tiger the 

The next one, however, is very British and it's rising again people are starting to use it more and with good reason, I love it it is 

good show or a jolly good show 

it's quite posh jolly the word jolly means kind of very or extremely jolly on its own means happy or cheerful but we can use it instead of the very or really jolly good show means really well done you congratulations

number seven feels slightly more American to me it's 

nice going 

nice going it translates to you've done well very well

number eight is 

good for you or good on you 

be careful with your tone of voice here because if you say oh good for you that can sound extremely sarcastic so if somebody has something that you want and you say oh good for you it's kind of saying you get everything I want that but if you say it with real meaning and heart good for you well done it means I'm really really happy for you

number nine is very similar it is 

well done you 

well done you you've probably heard well done on its own but for extra emphasis well done you that's really really great

number 10 beautifully casual 

nice one 

nice one well done nice one that translates to a good job yeah nice one

number 11 is so simple but I love it it is 

you did it 

you did it congratulations I think that's what my mother said to me when she found out that i had got a high score for my university degree she said you did it it's a really nice way of saying congratulations 

number 12 is lovely if somebody does something really clever really intelligent you can say 

you're a genius 

number 13 is 

way to go 

way to go now this is another one that sounds slightly more American to me I'm not sure about Australia and Canada and places like that if you're watching please let me know we don't say as much in the UK but it's still a really nice one way to go very well done

number 14 is great for self-congratulation as well as congratulating others it is 

pat on the back 

it's quite popular nowadays if you yourself do something well then you can say oh well done me pat on the back if you pat someone on the back it means well done

15 is a really nice one quite casual oh

you made that look easy 

if somebody's done a performance or has been in an interview and has performed really well you can say well you made that look easy that was amazing congratulations

number 16 is one that I use all the time especially with my students if I see that they've been performing really really well then i say 

keep up the good work 

it means you've done so well until now continue to do well because you're on track for success

number 17 is nothing can stop you now 

you are on a roll 

to be on a roll means to have a continued period of success or good luck

number 18 is a relatively new one it is 

you're on fire 

you are on fire if I speak to a fellow YouTuber and I say your channel is on fire at the moment it means it's doing so well congratulations or you're on fire you're doing so well again context and tone of voice is everything if I tell someone you're on fire it means that they should seek water asap as soon as possible I've saved the best one till last it is

number 19 and it is 


expletive latiance so we insert a swear word or an expletive between congratu and lations 

for example, congratulations that's the amazing god that's so fun to say congratulations now I don't teach swear words on my channel so you're going to have to search those up for yourself google is your friend right that is it for today's lesson 

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something Avoid repeating ‘Good Luck’ & 'Congratulations' - 29 Alternative Phrases Phrases!


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