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52 Beautiful Synonyms | Amazing Synonym

Beautiful Synonyms 42 Incredible Ways to Tell Someone they are Beautiful | Amazing Synonym  10 Ways To Say Amazing

A Synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as the word is given A Synonym is a word that can be used as a substitute for the given word such that it does not change the meaning and context

42 Beautiful Synonyms And 10 Amazing Synonym

  • Amazing Synonym  10 Ways To Say Amazing 

  1. awesome
  2. fantastic
  3. incredible
  4. fabulous
  5. unbelievable
  6. marvelous
  7. fascinating
  8. spectacular
  9. stunning
  10. wonderful

Beautiful Synonyms I'm going to help you with your love lives. I'm going to help you tell somebody that they are beautiful. And this isn't just in the romantic sense. It's also in a friendly sense as well. 

So these are really nice, all the way from basic to advanced ways of telling someone that they look good. I've got lots of adjectives, lots of nouns, and lots of slang phrases as well. So this is perfect for improving your vocabulary. 

  • Beautiful Synonyms

  1. Beautiful Synonyms Adjectives
  2. Beautiful Synonyms Informal adjectives
  3. Beautiful Synonyms Informal Nouns
  4. Beautiful Synonyms Phrases

  • Beautiful Synonyms Adjectives

1. Beautiful

2. Pretty

3. Gorgeous

4. Stunning

5. Cute

6. Adorable

7. Attractive

8. Lovely

9. Perfect

10. Radiant

11. Fantastic

12. Good-Looking

13. handsome

14. Breathtaking

15. Captivating

16. dainty

17. Dazzling

18. Striking

19. Dreamy

  • Beautiful Synonyms Informal adjectives

20. Hot

21. Banging

22. Sizzling

23. Foxy

24. Smoking

25. Peng

26. Tid

27. Fit

  • Beautiful Synonyms Informal Nouns

28. A Stunner

29. A Hottie

30. A Babe

31. A Goddess

32. A Head Turner

33. A Looker

34. A Worldie

35. A Perfect 10

36. Eye / Arm Candy

37. A Snack

  • Beautiful Synonyms Phrases

38. You look as lovely as ever!

39. You're to die for!

40. You are drop-dead gorgeous!

41. You are easy on the eyes!

42. You are out of my league.

Right, let's get started with the full details lesson. 

 Beautiful Synonyms adjectives With Examples

Firstly, let's take a look at some adjectives. I'm sure you'll know some of them but I've included some more advanced ones as well. Obviously, the one we all know is beautiful, beautiful. 

But we also have pretty, pretty. It's normally used to describe somebody feminine. You can have a pretty man. But you are saying that he is beautiful in a feminine way. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, this means completely beautiful. Stunning, stunning, again very beautiful. That's probably top-notch for beauty.

But can also have cute but this is far more common in America. So if you say someone is cute in the UK, you'd be saying that they are very sweet or childlike maybe. Or like a cat or a dog might be cute. In America, they use cute to describe somebody that's good-looking. 

I remember an American girl telling me when I was young that she thought my outfit was cute. And I remember thinking, I don't want to look cute, I want to look grown-up. But to her cute meant very very nice. But to me, it meant oh I look like a child.

Another one that we do use a lot is adorable, adorable. Attractive, attractive is also an option. One that I use a lot is lovely, lovely. You look absolutely lovely. If somebody just looks 10 out of 10, then you can say perfect, she's perfect. Everything about her or him is just beautiful. We also have a lovely one which is radiant, radiant. This means somebody has a beautiful glow about them, radiant beauty.

Another word especially if somebody looks really good in their clothes or we really like their figure, we can say you look fantastic, fantastic. Good-looking is also an option. She's a very good-looking woman. He's a very good-looking man. 

Handsome, handsome is used to describe more masculine beauty. You can say a handsome woman but you are describing masculine beauty in that woman. So we are more likely to use handsome for men but not always. Breathtaking is another really nice one. Someone is so beautiful they take your breath away. You look breathtaking tonight. Or captivating, captivating. 

This means that they hold your gaze captive like a prisoner. A very feminine one is dainty, dainty. This describes small and feminine beauty. You might describe someone's dainty hands if they have small, feminine hands. Dazzling is another really lovely one. Dazzling, someone whose beauty stops you in your tracks. Striking is another similar one, striking. And the last one, one that I really like is dreamy, dreamy. Normally used by teenage girls to describe their crushes. Oh my God, he's so dreamy. 

 Beautiful Synonyms informal adjectives With Examples

Now I've got some informal adjectives. A lot of these are describing general attractiveness rather than beauty. Someone could be attractive without being beautiful. And a lot of these are slang words. So if someone is very attractive, you can call them hot. Hot, 

oh my God, he's so hot. A real slang one is banging, banging. She's got a banging body or he is banging. Be careful with how you say it because if you say he is banging, it doesn't sound like an adjective, it sounds like a verb. But we use it with a certain tone of voice, you are banging. Another one if someone's really hot, sizzling. He is sizzling. If somebody is a cunning beauty, you can call them foxy,

foxy. Or smoking, this normally comes before hot, you are smoking hot in that dress. Now three slang ones, I had to ask my friends for these. What do young people say nowadays? Apparently peng is a slang word that is used. I actually think it's quite old now, it's been a while for a while. But if you hear someone say oh my God, he is peng. I just don't feel right saying it.

I always feel really cringe-worthy when I say slang words. So if someone's peng, then they're very attractive. The same for tidy. Oh my God, you are tidy. And we also have the absolute classic, fit. I've been saying this since I was a child. Oh my God, he's so fit, she's so fit. You look so fit. So you might see British people commenting on their friend's photos just staying fit. It doesn't mean they're in shape, it just means you look great. 

Beautiful Synonyms informal nouns With Examples

We also have some informal nouns that you can use to describe someone who's very attractive. For example a stunner. If someone is a stunner and they are stunning, you are an absolute stunner. Or a hottie. She's a total hottie. He is a complete hottie. We also have a babe. This can also mean that someone's a nice person. If I say oh he's such a babe, 

I might be saying oh he's such a lovely guy rather than such a hot guy, it depends. We also have a goddess. You can say god but I swear that a goddess is much more used than a god. And obviously, it's used mainly for women. She is a total goddess. Another one we have a head-turner. She's a head-turner.

You make heads turn because you're so attractive. Or a looker, this means that you are good-looking. Your a looker aren't you? That was so awkward. You're a looker, aren't you? Or yeah, he's a bit of a looker he is. We also have a new one. 

I must say I've never used this myself but I have heard it in passing conversation, a worldie. He's got himself a worldie, a really beautiful woman. Or a perfect 10, a 10 out of 10 on appearance. We also have eye candy or arm candy. Eye candy is something that is nice for your eyes, something nice to look at. And arm candy is you know when you're with someone 

and they just look really good for you to be with. Very shallow but you know you need to know these things. And the last one, thank you to my friends who reminded me of this very important word, a snack. If somebody is a snack it means they are just delicious. You are such a snack. 

It's funny because my grandma, you know everyone has a word that they hate. I'm not gonna tell you mine because you'll start using it. But my grandma's is a snack. So if anyone ever tells me, grandma, that she's a snack, she will hate it. 

 Beautiful Synonyms phrases With Examples

I've also got some phrases that you can use to tell someone they are attractive. A really nice one is you look as lovely as ever. Or you look as ever. You look beautiful as ever, you look as dazzling as ever. This means you look beautiful but you also always look beautiful.

Another one is oh you're to die for. You are gorgeous, I would die for you. 

And another one that I really like is drop-dead gorgeous. He's not just gorgeous, he's drop-dead gorgeous. I can't handle it. 

You could also say that somebody is easy on the eyes. It's very easy to look at this person because they look so nice, they are eye candy. You're very easy on the eyes.

And the last one, not necessarily a positive one. But you could say you're out of my league. If somebody is out of your league, it means they're too attractive or you consider them to be too attractive to go out with you. I don't know why I try with you, you're completely out of my league. Not very nice and not nice to tell anyone that you are out of their league ever. 


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