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Adjectives And Synonyms | List of Adjectives And Synonyms

Learn Synonyms and Adjectives List of Adjectives 100 Plus Examples And 400 Adjectives

Adjectives And Synonyms | List of Adjectives And Synonyms

Today I'm going to explain that you shouldn't use "very" too much, especially in writing. You should use other more powerful adjectives. Today, I'm going to give you over 100 examples of situations where "very" should be avoided,

and I'm going to give you well over 200 other adjectives, powerful adjectives that you can use instead.

This tutorial is going to boost your vocabulary so much. It's also going to help with your pronunciation and your listening skills.

 Let's get started with learning

List of Adjectives And Synonyms

1. Very accurate 

(correct and true in every detail)

- Perfect 

- Exact

- Flawless

- Precise

2. Very aggressive

(angry, and behaving in a threatening way)

- Forceful 

- Overconfident 

3. Very amazed 

(very surprised)

- Astounded 

- Flabbergasted 

- Astonished 

- Shocked 

4. Very angry 

(having strong feelings about something that you dislike very much)

- Furious 

- Fuming 

- Livid 

- Enraged 

5. Very aware 

(knowing or realizing something)

- Conscious 

- Mindful 

6. Very bad 

(unpleasant; full of problems)

- Awful 

- Deplorable 

- Miserable 

- Rotten 

7. Very basic 

(of the simplest kind or at the simplest level)

- Simple 

- Primary 

- Rudimentary 

- Fundamental 

8. Very beautiful 

(having beauty; pleasing to senses or to the mind)

- Gorgeous 

- Stunning 

- Exquisite 

- Magnificent 

9. Very boring 

(not interesting)

- Tedious 

- Mind-numbing 

- Dreary 

- Uninteresting

10. Very bright

 (full of light)

- Blinding 

- Dazzling 

- Radiant 

11. Very capable 

(having the ability or qualities necessary for doing something)

- Efficient 

- Skillful 

- Proficient 

12. Very careful 

(giving a lot of attention to details)

- Scrupulous

- Meticulous 

- Fastidious 

13. Very Caring 

(kind, helpful, and showing that you care about other people)

- Compassionate 

- Kind

- Attentive 

14. Very clean 

(not dirty)

- Spotless 

- Immaculate 

- Hygienic 

15. Very clever

 (quick at learning and understanding things)

- Intelligent 

- Sharp

- Astute 

- Ingenious 

16. Very cold 

(having a lower than usual temperature)

- Bitter

- Icy

- Freezing 

17. Very colorful 

(full of bright colors or having a lot of different colors)

- Vibrant 

- Vivid

18. Very competitive (trying very hard to be better than others)

- Ambitious 

- Cut-throat 

- Driven

19. Very concerned (worried and feeling concern about something)

- Troubled 

- Upset 

- Worried 

- Agitated 

20. Very confident 

(feeling sure about your own ability to do things)

- Poised 

- Self-assured 

- Secure

21. Very confused 

(unable to think clearly or to understand what is happening)

- Baffled 

- Mystified 

- Dazed 

22. Very corrupt 

(willing to use their power to do a dishonest or illegal thing)

- Unethical 

- Fraudulent 

- Dishonest 

23. Very creepy 

(causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or slight horror)

- Skin-crawling

- Weird 

- Unnerving

24. Very critical 

(extremely important because a future situation will be affected by it)

- Essential 

- Crucial 

- Vital

25. Very cute 

(easy to feel love for)

- Endearing 

- Adorable 

- Charming 

26. Very dangerous 

(likely to injure or harm somebody)

- Perilous 

- Treacherous 

- Precarious 

27. Very delicate 

(easily damaged or broken)

- Fragile 

- Frail 

- Flimsy 

28. Very different 

(not the same as somebody or something)

- Unusual 

- Distinctive 

- Unique 

29. Very difficult 

(not easy; needing effort or skill)

- Complex 

- Demanding 

- Arduous

30. Very dirty 

(not clean)

- Filthy 

- Grimy

- Dilapidated

- Squalid 

31. Very dismal 

(causing or showing sadness)

- Miserable 

- Morbid 

- Depressing 

32. Very dry

(without water or moisture)

- Parched 

- Dehydrated 

- arid

33. Very easy 

(not difficult)

- Effortless 

- Unchallenging 

- Simple 

34. Very educational 

(providing education)

- Informative 

- Enlightening 

35. Very embarrassed 

(awkward or ashamed, especially in a social situation)

- Mortified 

- Humiliated 

- Ashamed 

36. Very enthusiastic 

(feeling or showing a lot of excitement and interest about somebody or something)

- Eager 

- Keen

- Zealous 

37. Very exciting 

(causing great interest or excitement)

- Electrifying 

- Exhilarating 

- Breathtaking 

38. Very expensive 

(costing a lot of money)

- Overpriced 

- Costly 

- Exorbitant 

39. Very fair 

(treating everyone equally and according to the rules or law )

- Impartial 

- Neutral 

- Just

40. Very faithful 

(staying with or supporting a particular person, organization, or belief)

- Loyal 

- Devoted 

41. Very famous 

(known about by many people)

- Renowned 

- Legendary 

42. Very far

(a long distance away)

- Distant 

- Remote 

43. Very fast

(moving or able to move quickly)

- Rapid 

- Swift 

44. Very fierce 

( angry and aggressive in a way that is frightening)

- Vicious 

- Ferocious 

- Feral

45. Very frustrating 

(causing you to feel annoyed and impatient because you cannot do or achieve what you want)

- Exasperating 

- Vexing 

- Infuriating 

46. Very full

(containign or holding as much or as many as possible)

- Overflowing 

- Crammed 

- Packed 

47. Very funny 

(making you laugh; amusing)

- Hysterical 

- Hilarious 

- Sidesplitting

48. Very good 

(of high quality or an acceptable standard)

- Superb

- Excellent 

- Outstanding 

49. Very Happy 

(feeling or showing pleasure)

- Ecstatic 

- Overjoyed 

- Elated 

50. Very heavy 

(weighing a lot)

- Weighty 

- Dense 

- Hefty 

51. Very honest 

(always telling the truth)

- Candid

- Sincere 

- Frank

52. Very hot 

(having a high temperature)

- Burning 

- Scalding 

- Blistering 

- Scorching 

53. Very hungry 

(feeling that you want to eat something)

- Ravenous 

- Famished 

- Starving 

54. Very impressive 

(making you feel admiration)

- Remarkable 

- Extraordinary 

55. Very informal 

(relaxed and friendly; not following strict rules of how to behave or do something)

- Casual 

- Easygoing 

56. Very Intense 

(very strong)

- Severe 

- Overpowering 

- Extreme 

57. Very interesting 

(attracting your attention because it is special, exciting, or unusual)

- Fascinating 

- Compelling 

- Riveting 

58. Very likely 

(probable or expected)

- Expected 

- Unavoidable 

- Probable 

59. Very lively

(full of life and energy)

- Exuberant 

- Energetic 

- Vivacious 

60. Very loud

(making a lot of noise)

- Deafening 

- Booming 

- Thunderous 

- Blaring 

61. Very lucky 

(having good luck)

- Fortunate

- Blessed 

- Charmed 

62. Very negative 

(considering only the bad side of something)

- Pessimistic 

- Defeatist 

- Cynical 

63. Very new 

(not existing before)

- Cutting edge 

- Novel 

- Innovative 

64. Very nice 

(pleasant, enjoyable or attractive)

- Enjoyable 

- Pleasant 

- Agreeable 

65. Very obvious 

(easy to see to understand)

- Apparent

- Clear 

- Visible 

- Evident 

66. Very old 

(having existed or been used for a long time)

- Decrepit 

- Ancient 

- Grizzled 

67. Very painful 

(causing you pain)

- Excruciating 

- Agonizing 

- Unbearable 

68. Very poor

(having very little money)

- Destitute 

- Penniless 

- Impoverished

69. Very positive 

(thinking about what is good in a situation)

- Optimistic 

- Upbeat 

70. Very quiet 

(making very little noise)

- Silent 

- Hushed 

71. Very rare 

(not done, happening, etc. very often)

- Scarce 

- Sparse 

- Unique 

72. Very religious 

(believing strongly in a particular religion and obeying its laws and practices)

- Spiritual 

- Devout 

73. Very responsible 

(of people) (that you can trust and rely on)

- Dependable 

- Conscientious

- Reliable 

74. Very roomy 

(having a lot of space inside)

- Spacious 

- Expansive

- Palatial 

75. Very rough 

(having a surface that is not smooth)

- coarse 

- Jagged 

- Rugged 

- Gritty

76. Very rowdy 

( making a lot of noise or likely to cause trouble)

- Raucous 

- Wild

77. Very rude 

(having or showing lack of respect for other people and their feelings)

- Vulgar 

- Offensive 

78. Very safe 

(protected from any danger or harm)

- Harmless 

- Sheltered 

- Secure 

79. Very scared 

(frightened of something or afraid that something bad might happen)

- Terrified 

- Petrified 

80. Very serious 

(sincere about something; not joking or meant as a joke) 

- Solemn 

- Sombre

- Stern 

81. Very severe 

(extremely bad or serious)

- Grave

- Critical 

- Serious 

82. Very shy

(nervous or embarrassed about meeting and speaking ot other people)

- Timid 

- Introverted 

83. Very small 

(not large in size, number, degree, amount, etc.)

- Tiny 

- Minuscule 

- Minute 

84. Very stinky 

(having an extremely bad smell)

- Putrid 

- Rancid 

- Noxious Minute 

85. Very strange 

(unusual or surprising, especially in a way that is difficult to understand)

- Bizarre 

- Weird 

- Peculiar 

86. Very strict 

(demanding that rules should be obeyed)

- Severe 

- Stern 

- Harsh

87. Very strong 

(having a lot of physical power)

- Muscular 

- Powerful 

- Tough 

88. Very stupid 

(not clever or intelligent)

- Idiotic

- Dense 

- Dumb

89. Very successful 

(having become popular and/ or made a lot of money)

- Lucrative 

- Thriving 

- Prosperous 

90. Very suitable 

(right or appropriate for a particular purpose or occasion)

- Appropriate 

- Fitting 

91. Very sure 

(confident that you are right)

- Positive 

- Certain 

- Convinced 

92. Very suspicious

(feeling that somebody has done something wrong without having any proof)

- Skeptical 

- Wary

- Distrustful 

93. Very tall 

(having a greater than average height )

- Towering 

- Statuesque 

- Lofty

94. Very tasty 

(having a strong and pleasant flavor)

- Delectable 

- Divine 

- Scrumptious 

- Mouthwatering 

95. Very tempting 

( attractive, makes people want to have it, do it, etc.)

- Alluring 

- Tantalising 

- Irresistible 

96. Very tense

(nervous or worried, and unable to ralax)

- Rigid 

- Strained 

- Taut 

97. Very thin

(not covered with mich flesh)

- Gaunt

- Emaciated 

- Scrawny 

98. Very tired 

(feeling that you would like to sleep or rest)

- Exhausted 

- Drained

- Spent

99. Very ugly 

(unpleasant to look at)

- Hideous 

- Revolting 

- Grotesque 

100. Very useful 

(that can help you do or achieve what you want)

- Nifty 

- Handy

101. Very violent 

(involving or caused by physial force tha is intended to hurt or kill somebody)

- Abusive 

- Savage 

- Cruel 

102. Very weak 

(not physically strong)

- Feeble 

- Sickly 

- Fragile 

103. Very wet

(covered with or containing liquid, especially water)

- Waterlogged 

- Saturated 

- Sopping 

- Soaked

That's it for today. I must have given you over 300 extra words. I really hope it helped you. I hope you enjoyed it If you've got any recommendations, do comment down below. thank you


Adjectives And Synonyms Video


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